Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life with Cats...

So this morning I woke up to my usual routine with our two cats Spaz and Orbit: first I enter the washroom and brush Spaz. She waits for me... and meows... and rolls around on her back looking too cute. So we brush. And brush. And then it's time for my shower, and she knows when it is time when I close the shower curtain, so she waits by the door.

After my shower, I feel only slightly more awake, but I promptly open the door to allow Orbit in to hop up on the sink so that SHE can be brushed. But she doesn't like the whole body brush... ooooh know, she is a cheeks and head kinda cat. So we spend some time getting our 'faces' on, she with her brush on her head, and me with my brush on mine. After a few minutes of cleaning and straightening she is happy, and I am awake enough to go and operate the coffee machine.

On my way out the door each one in turn finds a piece of furniture to pearch upon to express their unending dissatisfaction with the length of their respective grooming. But each in turn gets another pat or two as I munch down some Raisin Bran and get my shoes on...

It is my first time as a pet 'owner', though I don't really own them (despite what Darcy says) and I have to say, its quite nice (despite what the cats say).



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