Monday, March 27, 2006

Sick Day... March 27th, 2006

Despite my religous consumption of multivitamins, and my determined hand sanitization routine, I have contracted someones creeping crud... I'm not sure who, but I think it was from Mike B at work, who's entire family was stricken with this illness. It is characterized by a wicked sore throat, a mild headache, general upper-respiratory funk, and a mild fever. I think I am fighting it off well, and I imagine I will be back at work tomorrow... hopefully.

As for today, I get to spend a day with my wonderful girlfriend who is very kind, and is currently making me some breakfast. I imagine it will be two eggs, toast with some alfredo sauce (from last nights dinner, and homemade BTW!) on the egss. VERY tasty. Yeah, she's awesome.

I spent yesterday holed up in the house as well, and I am determined NOT to spend today in front of the TV (though the computer seems fine, huh, go figure). I thought I would update my blog since it's been a while.

Let's see, I have a few projects I am currently working on:

-Mudflaps for the MINI.
--I have been trying for a few weeks to make my own mud flaps to protect the doors of the MINI from flying debris off the tires. It's quite challenging, since the mudflaps have work work, AND look good (something I have never been good at).

-Autonomous Helicopter ME Support
--I am helping a friend who is building an Autonomous Helicopter. It's in the early stages right now, so there's not much to report.

-Reviving the Big Hovercraft Project.
--I have been planning this for a while, and I think it will happen this summer... The goal here is a hovercraft big enough to carry 50lbs effectively. This will be a big challenge, not because it's hard to LIFT 50lbs, it's because it's hard to control that much momentum. Creating an impulse large enough to move 50lbs is quite challenging... stay tuned.

Some trips I am planning:
-Joshua Tree, CA / Red Rocks, NV
--Climbing Trip with D.

-Acadia National Park, ME
--Our annual 4th of July climbing trip.

-Salt Lake City, UT
--A mountainbiking trip to my favorite mountainbiking mecca in Utah. I plan on revisiting the best mountainbike trail IN THE WORLD... the Virgin River Rim Trail in Cedar Breaks, UT.
<> Probably late fall of '06

So anyway, that's what's keeping me busy these days... Lots and lots of little projects...

Anyway, I am feeling less-good, so that's all for this entry.



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