Sunday, April 23, 2006


We have just arrived home after a nice 10-day vacation out West, and I thought I would share how things went:

April 13th: Travel Day

We left Boston at 11:am after a fairly relaxing limo trip to the airport. I have discovered that a limo-rental service (those using towncars, not actual 'limos') is the best thing for air travel since sliced bread! Cheaper than parking (by half!), easy and cleaner than a taxi, and a much better ride! So anyway, traveled from Boston to Minniapolis (SP?) for a 3 hour layover. We found a great mexican place in the Airport called _Tequileria_ that served excellent Marnegritas and pretty darn good mexican fair (for an airport!). After eating we wandered the airport for a few hours and then caught our flight to LA.

Upon arriving in LA after a LONG flight (crying baby's need their own plane!) we made our way to the Hertz bus, which brought us to our rental car, a Nissan XTerra. It was the new Xterra, which is bigger in every way than the old Xterra (the chassis is based on the full-size Titan pickup truck). We made it to the truck and headed towards our first stop, the new REI in Santa Monica, CA.

Turns out I should have kept reading about the Grand Opening, because it isn't scheduled to happen until May 5th! We found the construction site that WILL be REI, but no store... so we turned around and got back on Rt. 10 and headed east towards Joshua Tree. The drive from LA to J-tree takes about 2 hours, and it was already late when we made our unfortunate REI discovery, so we tried to make good time to J-tree.

Driving in LA is an interesting proposition, especially in a truck that drives like its always on sand. No sudden movements or it will heave and sway all over the place! Anyway, after a LONG ride to J-tree, we rolled into the park, only to find a "campgrounds full" sign on the entrance! Well, I wasn't going to be turned away after all this traveling, so we drove into the park, and went directly to my most reliable campground, Ryan Campground. We didn't find any sites, but we did find a place to park the truck. After all our traveling, I was too tired to try and do anything else but sleep, so we set up our sleeping bags in the back and went right to sleep.

We dreamt of good climbs and of large women.



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