Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vacation: Day 2

After waking up in our Xterra we decided that we had to make getting coffee a priority. No one else seemed to be awake, and we thought it'd be safe to run to town and get some coffee... Well, on the way to town we passed several folks who were obviously on their way into the park to camp. After hearing the park ranger at the gate say "Oh, you might want to hurry back, this is our busiest weekend of the year" we pushed on to the coffee shop. When we found it closed we decided to turn around and run back to the campground to secure a campsite!

We hunted around, and started asking folks when they were leaving (in as-nice a way as we could). Eventually we found a great campsite, and headed back into town for coffee and groceries. We ended up finding a great breakfast place called the 'Country Kitchen' and getting some bacon and eggs!

After breakfast and some grocery getting, we made our way back to the campsite to try and head out for some climbing at Real Hidden Valley. When we setup camp in the morning the skies were clear, but the skies clouded up as we arrived in R.H.V., but we thought we'd have enough time to climb.

We first tried Sail Away, but it was busy, so we made our way to the base of the 'Thin Wall'. Right as we were about to start climbing (harnesses and all) when the skies opened up. We packed up quickly and started to walk very quickly back to the car (luckily a short walk!) as the wind and rain picked up. It was already a bit chilly, so the rain made it downright cold! I also remembered that the tent was open so we made it back to camp double-time to close everytihing up and dry the tent.

After all the drama of getting a campsite, a poor night of sleep, shopping, breakfast, and a busy bunch of stuff to get out to the climb, we were exausted. With the weather turning nasty, we decided the best plan was beers and a nap in the tent... We crashed out quickly and slept for a few hours as the rain poured down outside.

After our wonderful little nap, we awoke to a beautiful dynamic sky and a stiff breeze. We drove around a bit and saw the most beautiful, sunset (see picture of Darcy below on the road below, and the vertical picture too).

Finally after this long day of errands and running around we tried to have a campfire, which turned into a blowtorch as the winds picked up! After the sun when down it felt like a tornado moved in! I think we had wind gusts up to 50mph all over the park that night, AND it was COLD! We didn't sleep too well as the wind kept rippin on by and waking us up!

Anyway, overall a productive, if borind day...



Blogger Margaret said...

Super nice pictures! So you were in Minneapolis and didn't even bother to stop by to say hi, huh? =kidding=... Looking forward to reading about the rest of your vacation. :-)

6:45 PM  

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