Sunday, June 04, 2006

Long Time since last post Dr. Jones...

Recent Project: Garage bike shop.

The pictures that follow show what I was up to this weekend... This is a bike rack/workstand that I built in the garage of our apartment. The garage itself appears to be made of something resembling stale french bread, and any attempt to screw anything into it results in a lot of dust and no secure attachment. In order to make this stand, I started with the only solid elements in the entire garage: the two steel support columns. I decided to try and 'pinch' these with two 2"X6"X8' planks, and then build from there. I cantilevered another plank off of these initial two to create the workstand part of the rack. This plank supports a large hook, from which I can hang the bike that needs work. In the end this whole project worked out much better than I expected, and the whole structure is solid and easy to work from. I happily spent the afternoon rebuilding the front portion of the drivetrain of my bike (as it had a suspension pivot that kept coming loose) hopefully in time for some sunny weather early this week!

Also pictured is D's new bike, which she got for her birthday. She has been very happy with it so far, but I think we'll need to find a different seatpost for it soon, as the fit is not yet perfect. I am slowly aclimating her to her new bike with short rides on the bike path, but I think it will be some time before we are out on the trails together.



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